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Innovation Management

Innovation management is the process of taking innovative ideas from their inception to implementation. A company’s innovation capability rests in this system, and when done successfully can result in anything from a record-shattering new product to a revolutionary way to address customer needs.

Dumex Consulting’s Innovation Management System The consulting service will center broadly on:

1. What is the innovation management system? 

2. Why innovation is necessary, types of innovation areas, and innovation culture

3. What are the innovation projects, the innovation process, and the innovation phases?

4. What are the innovation strategies that are open to organizational development? 

Innovative employees increase productivity by creating and executing new processes, which in turn may increase competitive advantage and provide meaningful differentiation. Empowering employees to innovate and improve their work processes provides a sense of autonomy that boosts job satisfaction. 

The benefit of Dumex Consulting Innovation management for the client 

  1. Great ideas can be easily identified and noticed quickly. 
  2. Production efficiency and effectiveness can be enhanced. And the cost can be reduced. 
  3. Stakeholders can be better engaged. 
  4. The innovation culture can be enhanced and created. 
  5. Resources such as people, time, and money can be better allocated. 
  6. It creates a sense of community. 
  7. Diversity-based talent is nurtured. 
  8. Creativity and engagement blows up.
  9. Productivity can soar. 

Why You Should Attend 

The innovation management services will enable your organization and the participant to achieve certain key business outcomes, such as:

1. Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) to shareholders. 

2. Effectively achieving your organizational business growth goals 

3. Increasing productivity and thereby increasing the profitability of your organization 

4. Effectively responding to industry disrupters and increasing your organization’s market share 

5. Quickly responding to external challenges by developing human as well as technological resources to do things differently

6. Increase your business engagement, competitiveness, and rapid business growth to enable your business to flourish in the current age of disruption. 

Who should attend? 

Innovation managers, marketing managers, sales managers, business owners, innovators, senior marketers and branders, entrepreneurs, digital executives, and professionals in all industries

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