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Marketing/Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy refers to a business’s overall game plan for reaching prospective consumers and turning them into customers of their products or services.

Dumex Consulting’s marketing and marketing strategy service will center broadly on:

  • What is marketing management, marketing plan int the organizational system.
  • Why is Marketing strategy necessary in the firm.
  • Why is marketing information system MIS necessary,
  • What necessitate marketing withing strategy and strategy within marketing in the firm

The importance of marketing for businesses 

Marketing is of vital importance to any business. It is the key process of researching, promoting, and selling products or services to your target market. The bottom line of any business is profit. 

The Importance of Marketing Strategy 

A marketing strategy provides an organization with an edge over its competitors. The strategy helps in developing goods and services with the best profit-making potential, and its importance is as follows:

  • Brand recognition is enhanced
  • Help to gain a competitive advantage
  • Attract a new set of customers
  • Plan the marketing budget
  • Creative edge among other competitors in the market
  • The effective distribution plan is enhanced
  • Optimal pricing is enhanced
  • The overall growth of the firm is achieved
  • Help in creating a product or service that is profit-oriented in nature
  • Help in the efficient allocation of the resources 

The benefit of Dumex Consulting’s marketing strategy to the client 

  1. Increased visibility or awareness of the client’s products 
  2. Improved efficiency for the clients 
  3. Preferred or optimal pricing is ascertained. 
  4. Measurable results and profits are enhanced. 
  5. Established clients, effective distribution 
  6. Assists with marketing communication. 
  7. Streamlined client product development 
  8. improves client brand values, sales turnover, profit margins, etc.; enhances competitive advantage over the competitors 

The benefit of Dumex Consulting Marketing to the client 

  • Promote communication channels to inform their customers about their product, which helps them boost their sales. 
  • Effective way to help them increase customer engagement 
  • Effective way to help them customers engagement 
  • Promotes their business to a Target audience in the market. 
  • Helps to understand their customers’ wants or requirements 
  • Helps to brand their business within the organization. 
  • Help them create revenue options. 
  • Help them to maintain relevance and create a competitive edge in the market among competitors. 

Six contents on which Dumex Consulting Marketing services will help or benefit your organization: 

01. Increases the visibility of your brand. 
02. Develop lasting relationships with your audience. 
improves brand awareness and recognition. 
04. Create loyalty and trust with both your current customers and prospects. 
05. It helps you build authority and credibility. 
06. Position your business as an expert in your industry. 

Why You Should Attend 

The marketing and marketing strategy services will enable your organization and the participant to answer the following two key questions in a detailed manner: 

01. Who is your ideal customer? 
02. What makes your business different, i.e., your brand? 

Who Should Attend? 

Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Marketing Consultant, Innovators, Senior Marketers and Branders, Entrepreneurs, Digital Executives, and Professional Organizational Executives

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