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Risk Management

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling financial, legal, strategic and security risks to an organization’s capital and earnings etc

Dumex Consulting’s risk management service will broadly center on: 

01. What is a risk management system? 
02. Why is a risk management system necessary? 
03. What is the risk identification process in project phases? 
04. What is the risk analysis of an organizational project? 
05. Application of risk in a practical sense 

A plan ensures that risks are managed properly. The goal is to reduce the impact of negative risks and increase the impact of opportunities. The plan provides a tool for reporting risk to senior management as well as the project sponsor and team. 

The benefit of Dumex Consulting Risk management for the client 

  1. It improves the company’s brand image. 
  2. It protects the company’s resources. 
  3. It helps minimize losses at critical times. 
  4. increase the return on investment. 
  5. Reduces business liability 
  6. Reduces unexpected events or occurrences 
  7. It helps create financial benefits. 
  8. It helps save time and effort. 
  9. It helps improve communication. 
  10. It helps prevent reputational issues. 
  11. It helps in creating a culture. 
  12. It helps in decision-making by the management, etc. 

Why You Should Attend 

You will understand the potential problems in your organization before they occur and have a plan for addressing them. 

With the ability to understand the potential risks that are associated with business operations, it is easier to take steps to avoid them. Knowing the risks makes it possible for the managers of the business to formulate a plan for lessening their negative impact. 

Who should attend? 

01. Managers or consultants responsible for the effective management of risk within an organization 
02. Individuals seeking to gain comprehensive knowledge of concepts, processes, and principles 
03. Advisor involved?

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